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Nestled in the coastal hills near Monterey, the Contenta Inn is one of many Carmel Valley Hotels located in the heart of the Carmel Valley Village.  The famous golf courses of Carmel’s Pebble Beach lay just to the west and the steep and rocky cliffsides of Big Sur lay just to the south. This little town has plenty to boast, which is why there is such a strong attraction to the area.

Have a dog? Contenta Inn is a pet-friendly hotel where Fido is always welcome! Bring your four legged friend with you to Carmel Valley, as there are many outdoor activities that your dog can enjoy with you.

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The Contenta Inn is a Hotel in the Carmel Valley

Affordable Hotels in Carmel Valley

Contenta Inn is a hotel which offers a reasonably priced, yet stylish alternative to large corporate run hotels. This quaint motor lodge is a throwback to the past, however it has all the amenities of a modern hotel. With a low cost per room, this a great place to stay if you want to be in the village, but also near the sea. The accommodations at the Contenta Inn are second to none, offering a wide variety of pleasanttries.

Carmel Valley, CA – A Central Coast Paradise

The Carmel Valley is an idyllic coastal region known for its oak forests and rolling hills.  Numerous wineries dot the coastal hillsides, hence some of the finest wines come from this region. The valley is home to world renowned restaurants and a charm that is unique to the area. Bur Sur is just a short drive to the south, with its long craggily vistas, and rugged beauty.

Carmel Valley is a great jumping off point for a day trip to Big Sur as there are few hotels in the area. The seaside communities of Carmel and Monterey are also a short drive away. Here the Pacific Ocean greats the rolling hills and the Monterey peninsula forms a natural harbor that first attracted the Spanish conquistadors in the 15th Century. By 1776, the Spanish had declared Monterey the Capital of Baja and Alta California.

Monterey History

By the late 1800’s, affluent people from San Francisco began to discover the Carmel area as a fairly close getaway from the city. Further more, many of the city’s wealthy businessmen purchased large tracts of land in the region and built vacation homes. Carmel by the Sea was a particularly attractive selection, and the city saw steady growth. Today the area is still home to many of their descendants who moved there permanently long ago.

Carmel Valley is now a destination that is known throughout the world as a tranquil and beautiful place to vacation for the whole family.

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